What are 
The alpha female characteristics

T Truthful High Integrity 
A Woman who lives the Power of her Word
h Healthy Wholesome     Dedicated to Extreme Health and Wellness
e Excellent Effective
Committed to "Be All She Can Be"

a Adventurous Achieving    Has the ability to take Risks and build Self-Esteem through Achievement
l Leader Leadership Qualities     Leads with Courage and Confidence, as well as Compassion
p Positive
Powerful, Positive, Productive
Develops and uses her Charisma for Positive Ends
h Happy Hopeful, Humorous, Optimistic     Chooses an attitude of Hope and Possibility; the 'Glass Half Full' outlook
a Assertive Perseverant     Exercises the ability to be gentle while being open and direct 

f Feminine Feeling, Relating  Balances her powerful leadership with compassion and nurturing; creates community.
Embraces the full breadth of feminine powers. 
e Energetic Effervescent, Passionate  Taps into the 'wolf' passions which sustain lust for life
Mystical,  Spiritual, Creative, Intuitive  Willing to tap into her creative and psychic power beyond the mindís innate capabilities 
a Accepting Accepting of Self and Others-able to embrace both the dark and light sides of human behavior. Accepting/Receptive of life's gifts, others' ideas,
l Loving Life-Giving     Heart-based in her connections with other living beings; leading with warmth and understanding
e Evolving Experiencing    Develops the ability to change and grow; to self-actualize and empower others to do so. 

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