HOW  does Professional Coaching Work?

Professional Coaching is about Meeting the Bottom-Line Needs
 of the Corporation and Small Business.

Whether you are an entrepreneur, a small business professional, a corporate manager or member of a corporate team,  you know that in today's business climate, continual change while maintaining peak performance is a requirement for outstanding the individual, team and company levels.

In order to achieve this outcome, individuals throughout the entire corporation require continuous development of their technical, business and interpersonal skills.

Melissa Thornton forms a partnership with the executive leadership of the client company, and members of its teams, to create optimum effectiveness in accomplishing the company's goals.

What your company may face
How we work together
What our partnership can accomplish
The TOP SIX focal points for our partnership

What your company may face

How we work together to:

*** The key to corporate success lies in developing the leadership skills and emotional competencies that distinguish the average from the truly outstanding leader.

We will assist your management team in assessing their current performance and affirming their leadership strengths. We will then identify areas that need development and implement individual plans for learning these new skills, thus solidifying new habits for excellent performance.***

What our partnership can accomplish The TOP SIX focal points for our partnership:



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Coaching, by telephone, from anywhere in the world!


 HOW TO:   Practicalities

I. Payments

All sessions are pre-paid or paid for at the beginning of the session. Melissa accepts personal checks and payments from your bank or your credit card through PAYPAL.

How to Pay for Personal Coaching Sessions with a PAYPAL payment. Acceptance Mark

II. Notice of Schedule Change 

Please communicate any schedule changes 24 or more hours in advance of the scheduled appointment by telephone, or 48 or more hours by email.

III. Confidentiality

Please be assured that your talks with me are strictly CONFIDENTIAL. You are protected under ethical guidelines, which prohibit the sharing of any information you may tell me, without your written consent.

IV. Ethical Standards

I abide by the ethical standards of the International Coach Federation (ICF), the accrediting, standard bearing association for Personal and Professional Coaches throughout the world. They have a strictly enforced, tough Code of Ethics and Conduct: The Philosophy and Definition of Coaching, Pledge of Ethics, and Standards of Ethical Conduct 


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Melissa L. Thornton, MBA, LMFT
Marriage and Family Therapist
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