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Professional Coaching and Training Clients

Dear Melissa...

I could not leave town until I composed this brief letter of thanks to you. The administrative retreat was a genuine success this year, thanks in large part to your extraordinary effort in leading us through a sometimes difficult discussion of troubling issues. You conducted the session with a masterful style. You artfully led us through a series of concerns in such a way that everyone felt free to participate. As a result, I believe that a great deal of healing took place that afternoon. In the process of airing some genuine concerns, we were brought closer together as an administration. You have my gratitude and respect for the remarkable effort. Please know how much I, and all of us, value you as a colleague. Best wishes, Scott R., Black Rock, Connecticut

Having prepared for an all-day workshop myself (I’m not sure I ever want to do that again!), I have a sense of how much work you put into preparing for the training workshop…your efforts have reaped high praise. I believe that we now have a much stronger program this year. I can not wait to see how it unfolds…

I thank you for all your hard work. Gratefully, John C., Fairfield, CT

I just want you to know how very much we all appreciated your stimulating contributions to our meeting last week. As always, you were knowledgeable, compassionate and supportive. I cannot tell you how wonderful it is that you are working so closely on our Guidance Program. You are an incredible resource, Melissa…and above all that, you are a very special human being. Thank you for being you…thank you for caring so deeply about us all! Marjorie T., Essex, CT

You are truly a special person.  I only wish everyone I knew was so optimistic and supportive.....I also wanted to thank you for so much support and guidance received.  I learned a lot from you and from the intervention overall.  I can tell you once again that we couldn't have gotten this far without you.....Words can't express my sincere appreciation for your help in "creating" the Human Resource function....I've never had an assignment where I've felt so much apart of the group. If it weren't for you, I'm not sure that I would have been included...Adrienne P., Shelton, CT

Thanks for a job well done! You certainly produced value added.  Thanks again for your excellent work on this case. I would love to be able to approach you again in the future as needed. Many thanks for your very deep and productive comments.  I keep hearing great stuff! Jan C., CEO, Shelton, CT.

Dear Melissa, Your session this afternoon was, simply stated, utterly fantastic!! I have such enormous respect for you…your expertise and sensitivity. Obviously, all the 'new kids on the block' were truly benefiting from your talk.
Your enthusiasm, your impressive knowledge, your sensitive approach allow all participants to relax and grow from the experience. T. T. Fairfield, Connecticut

Many thanks to you for two great and productive days. It was an excellent opportunity to share and grow together. I feel honored and fortunate to be able to share my thoughts/ideas with you. I have always learned very much from all of you and I feel that these two days were an enriching experience, both personally and professionally.Pat P., Shelton, CT.

You're a very special kind of person, the kind who comes in to people's lives and changes them forever, and that's truly a gift....Jennifer B., Shelton, CT

You are truly a special person. I only wish everyone I knew was so optimistic and supportive. Thank you again....sincerely, for your support and guidance and your kind words. Lyn P., Shelton, CT

Thank you again for your professional support over the past year, but even more so for your personal support. You were very much a part of my ability to make it through the past year. Gene C., Shelton, CT


Psychotherapy and Personal Coaching Clients

Words cannot express how grateful I am to have met you and learned from you throughout this year and a half. I know that because of your kind and always thoughtful, challenging ways, I have been able to strengthen our relationship and the relationships we have with others. Thanks to you, we have fine-tuned the ‘tools’ we already had in our toolbox and even managed to add ones we didn’t have to make it a complete set!!

You have guided us to the path that (with our constant work effort) will lead to our extraordinary lives…Melissa, you are a very, very special woman with so many wonderful qualities and gifts that you unselfishly share with those you counsel.

By now you know that we are engaged and very, very much in love. We have taken everything you’ve said and showed us to heart and tried (and continue to try) to apply it to our lives. Because of your valuable life lessons, we are where we are today. A million thanks for all you’ve done!

I want so much to give my thanks for all your patience and love in helping me to better understand myself and life in general. I truly feel like a new person, very alive and free. It is such an energizing feeling, this new outlook on life—wow. Thank you so so much for helping me to reach this point. For leading me to my spiritual path and providing a positive influence. So many things have come into my life in our time together: signs that I did not see before but were always there, the joys of better relationships with my friends and family, those funny coincidences that I am so acutely aware of, that yellow brick road that twists and turns with the hands of time, and the faith that brings me happiness each day. 

You are a special person and a gifted therapist. The energy you bring is so bright. It sparkles in your eyes and transcends all boundaries. Your inherent goodness is clear in all that you say. Looking back on the time before I knew you till now the mirror reflects such a different person more loving, more joyful, more confident and less fearful. My mind, body and soul feel connected. Sometimes I just want to jump up and down and shout out happy things now I do just that. People may think I’m crazy but I see them smile. I find myself reaching out more and more to my brothers, cherishing this time that we have together. Compliments come unbidden to my lips and I am no longer afraid to share them. I can dance in the rain and laugh at the moon. The child in me has awakened. Things just seem to make sense. God, life truly is a wonderful experience.




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