Life Mastery Quiz

Before you start coaching with a Personal Coach or Professional Coach, it's a great idea to determine what areas of Life Mastery you'd like to tackle next.  You may be askingÖ What is Life Mastery? How can I become a master of my own life? How do I get started?

You are not alone - many have asked these same questions! To help you identify areas where you may want to focus your attention, simply complete the Life Mastery Evaluation shown here. Itís a quick and easy way to identify the first steps on your journey to becoming a master of your life! 


I engage in exercise that is fun as least three times per week.

My blood pressure and cholesterol are within normal ranges for my age.

I have a physical once per year.

I rarely feel rushed.

I consistently eat nourishing food.

I always take steps to ensure my safety, such as wearing my seatbelt, not smoking, etc.

I wake up energized and excited about my day.

I am rarely fatigued.

I drink mostly water rather than caffeine, soda, etc.

I allow my body to rest when I need it rather than push myself.

I get a massage or other nurturing body-work at least once per month.



I take a 7- to 10-day vacation at least twice per year.

My job is challenging and financially rewarding.

I continually learn new things.

I take a class to update my professional skills every six months.

I have time built into my schedule for creative thinking.

I choose to spend time with friends and family who are loving and supportive.

I am able to communicate with my family and friends about my dreams.

There is little in my life that bugs me.

I am financially secure.

My home and work environments are orderly and comfortable.

I have no unfinished business when it comes to relationships.



I feel joyful much of the time.

I meditate or pray daily.

I read spiritual material often.

I do something kind for myself each day.

My chosen profession feeds my spirit.

I have friends and family that are loving and supportive.

I engage in a fun activity at least three times per week.

I feel grateful for what life has to offer me.

I am able to observe and appreciate the wonder in my surroundings and relationships.

I know my purpose in life.

I have an inner source of love that guides me to my highest good.

 Now, what do you think? Have you determined which areas are masterfully strong? Which are in good shape? Which need some focus?


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