Arrange for an initial interview. Be prepared to tell the coach why you want a coach and your goals for the coaching process. Make a list of questions in advance and then ask them in the interview. You will want to know ....

  • How long have you been a coach?
  • Do you have clients who are willing to give testimonials, recommendations of your work?
  • Does the coach specialize in a particular type of coaching, i.e. business, personal, career, relationships, financial?

You will be looking and listening for......

  • A resonance with your personal values, philosophy and experiences
  • Does the coach hear you, listening carefully to what you say?
  • A sense of trust and safety
  • Respectful confrontation, an attitude of being challenging and supportive


Once you decide on your coach, put your agreements in writing, including cost, frequency and length of meetings, accountability, method of meeting (phone, face-to-face, e-mail) and terms of completion of the agreement (grounds for termination of the agreement and/or time frame). Many coaches include go-no go points to review the contracts and the effectiveness of the process. Be sure these are also in your agreements. Most coaches have a set form for their agreements and the coach should provide the contract.


Your coach will guide you to writing your life purpose, business purpose, goals and expectations for the coaching process. It is very important that you are clear and specific on what you want from this process so you can measure it's effectiveness and value to you. 


An outline of topics to be covered in each session is helpful so that you can be prepared before the session, in order to maximize the time you have with your coach. 


Assess your progress regularly, using your goals and other criteria set in your agreements. Evaluate the effectiveness of the process and your accomplishments to determine if you want to negotiate to continue your coaching contract, re-negotiate the terms or terminate the contract.


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